Dom Boc 5 litres

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Please order by 3pm on Wednesday 8th of July 2020 for delivery Thursday 9th July 2020.

Dom Boc 4.2% - 5 litres (approximately 8.8 pints) 

Mid to Dark amber and very drinkeable for its colour.  Crisp creme caramel, a little stonefruit and melon if you go looking. A pleasant and dry mandarin finish.

Best kept cool and consumed within three days of delivery.

**** Please note that our delivery service will be changing for all orders placed after the 9th of July 2020. Deliveries will now me made after 14:30 on Friday, for all orders place by 15:00 on Thursday of the same week. We have also had to increase the delivery charge to £4 for orders under £50, orders over £50 still have free delivery and collection from the brewery on Friday afternoon or by arrangement is still available. Thank you for your continued support of the brewery and for choosing our beer! ****

Deliveries will need to be received by someone over 18 and in person.